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    Quest Guide - Unreleased Ulrich


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    Quest Guide - Unreleased Ulrich

    Post by Admin on Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:29 pm

    Unreleased Ulrich

    There will turn out some new quests, check the guide and you will know what to prepare.

    Mastering techniques at a Castleville workshop to become a true master guide. Build workshops in your kingdom to optimize your production plus castleville forge.

    Castleville new quests, new characters, castleville new house, and new items to be mastered and new crafting forge buildings.

    These are still upcoming Castleville quests below are the quests for you to anticipate the challenges ahead.

    Quest Title: Panic attack

    Collect x stones to improvise a weapon
    Place x walls so that the Duke could hide

    Quest Title: Ulrich blacksmith

    ASK for x brushes to get all the dirt from
    Collect x buckets of water to prepare a bath
    Collect x wood for a fire Cutting trees in your kingdom

    Quest Title: The basic job

    Build a house for Ulrich to have it in your kingdom
    Build a workshop in your kingdom
    Begin by asking your learning foundations Making lots of mortar

    Quest Title: Brick brick

    Craft x mortar to reach the proficiency level 1
    Use both materials in the crafting shops of your kingdom to master many techniques
    Click in the neighbors crafting shops

    Quest Title: A good worker always has his tools

    Craft x hammers in the shop.
    Use turbo tools to speed your work
    Prepare your next job by buying a foundry

    Quest Title: Melting

    Build the Foundry
    Collect x stones from the neighboring kingdoms, in order to find coal
    Redeeming time gains of your camps to get coal miners

    Quest Title: Nerves of Steel

    Craft of steel bars
    Harvesting crops to regain strength after your hard work
    Ask for chisels to break the coal
    Quest Title: A metal foolproof

    Make enough steel bars to reach a level of mastery
    Craft steel swords to test your new metal
    Place in your kingdom the Forge

    Quest Title: Heavy metal

    Use steel swords to repel bugs
    Ban gloom thieves dark
    Ask for thin wires to attach valuable objects

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